5 Must-Have Bags by Carlton London

5 Must-Have Bags by Carlton London

With the start of the New Year, the dreamer inside every one of us is on an alert. Whether the plans are circling around career growth, dating dudes, or being the hottest version of you, nothing is movin’ without a stunning handbag. This year is all about the New Year, new you agenda so why not step into 2021 with a new sidekick, hottest bag of the season. We’ve spent the last year analyzing international runways to make sure we get you the best handbags for the season. From shoulder bags to the boss babe to larger than life clutch cuties, this feature has something for all ya ladies. 

Shoulder bags

We’ve designed a perfect upgrade to the iconic ‘90s shoulder bag. A shoulder bag with more structure to give the retro feels that combines the best of the decades. Some of the major fashion houses are vouching on this trend and you’ve probably spotted the same silhouette on your Instagram feed as well. Structured shoulder bags make a perfect partner in crime, it can literally hold whatever one wants and we strongly feel it's the best investment for 2021.


For all our wanderlust babies, this bag is an essential. Backpacks are the comfiest of the lot, they are graciously spacious to fit in everything and build for a hands-free experience. Every busy-bee wants to own a bag capable of accessorizing any outfit. The recent collection at Carlton is designed around effortless pink-hues, efficient enough to complement any attire. So don’t just sit back, make a move!

Sling bag

We know sling bags can be annoying, they only have enough space to fit in the necessities. Although, sometimes we need a spacious sling, not every time you can walk-out with bare-minimum. We have designed a sling-back precisely sized to fit-in all you need. Sketched around a minimal theme, it's perfect for a modest diva. With an adequate amount of chic, the sling serves the purpose efficiently.

Clutch bag

Envisioning a clutch bag mostly leaves us with an impression of those bedazzled black satin bags you bought for friends' wedding and hardly find it of purpose anymore. Our on the go ladies want a bag that is multipurpose, good looking but handy. Keeping that in mind we have incorporated this cute functional clutch in delicate tones, something proper enough to be carried from the gym to glam parties conveniently.

Bucket bag

A bucket bag is a practical purse without sacrificing a grain of style. Whether slouchy or clinched, structured or rounded, these bags are extremely versatile as they are functional. The It girls are currently bonkers about this trend and the recent runways were no exception. We’ve recorded that and constructed the bucket bags here to stay, clean, simple, stylish, and with ample space.

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